Hadoop open-source software framework

Hadoop open-source software framework

Big Data / Hadoop – The Best Big Data / Hadoop training Institute in Kolkata

IIHT Ultadanga is the leading Computer Training Institute for Big Data courses in Kolkata. The Big Data course includes Hadoop, Pig Latin, MongoDB, Hadoop Administration. The Big Data Program is designed to get the best placement in Kolkata. IIHT is the best Big Data Training Institute in Kolkata which is acknowledged by the IT industries. All B techs, BCA, MCA, graduated have undergone training in Java Program from IIHT ULTADANGA.  So, if you are looking for Best Big Data/ Hadoop training institute in Kolkata, you are at right place and join us for best placement in Hadoop.

About the Course

Sixty-five percent of companies are using Hadoop open-source software framework for storing data and running applications. That is because Hadoop offers several crucial benefits such as massive storage, tremendous processing power and the ability to handle unlimited concurrent tasks. IIHT Ultadanga’s Hadoop course is ideal for professionals working as developers, analysts and architects, who plan to learn the essentials of Hadoop and see how it is being used in real-world.

Course Features

  • Course duration – 80 hours
  • Preparation for Cloudera Hadoop Developer Certification
  • Practical sessions for hands-on experience
  • Course completion certificate

Course Outline

  • Big Data Syllabus ( Total 90 hours )
    • Java Fundamentals ( 20 hours )
      • Basic java concepts
      • Multi-threading
      • File I/O –Java. IO
      • Collections –Java.Util.*, Java.Math, Java.Lang
      • Java Generics
      • Java Serialization
      • Java Database Connectivity – JDBC
      • Java Common Design Patterns
      • Java Open Source Frameworks
      • Java Apache Hadoop Frameworks -An Introduction
      • Web Servers & Application Servers
      • Java Unit testing Frameworks (Junit / TestNG)
    • Hadoop Fundamentals ( 60 hours )
      • What is Big Data? Why Big Data?
      • Hadoop Architecture & Components
      • Hadoop Storage & File Formats
      • Hadoop Processing – Map Reduce, Spark Frameworks
    • HDFS
      • HDFS Basics
      • File Storage
      • Fault Tolerance
    • Map Reduce
      • What Is MapReduce?
      • Basic MapReduce Concepts
      • Concepts of Mappers, Reducers, Combiners and Paritioning
      • Inputs and Output formats to MR Program
      • Error Handling and creating UDFs for MR
    • Spark
      • What Is Spark?
      • Basic Spark Concepts
      • How Spark differs from Map Reduce?
      • Working with RDD’s
      • Parallel Programming with Spark
      • Spark Streaming
    • Hive
      • What is Hive, why we need it and its importance in DWH?
      • How Hive is different from Traditional RDBMS
      • Modeling in Hive, creating Hive structures
      • Concepts of Partitioning, Bucketing, Blocks
      • Concepts of serialization, deserialization
      • Different Hive data storage formats
      • Introduction ton HiveQL and examples.
      • Hive as an ELT tool and difference between Pig and Hive
      • Performance tuning opportunities in Hive
      • Writing and mastering Hive UDFs
      • Error Handling and scope of creating Hive UDFs.
    • Pig and Latin
      • Basics of Pig and Why Pig?
      • Grunt
      • Pig’s Data Model
      • Writing Evaluation
      • Filter
      • Load & Store Functions
      • Benefits of Pig over SQL language
      • Input and Output formats to MR program.
      • Error Handling and scope of creating UDFs for Pig.
    • HBase
      • HBase – Introduction
      • When to use HBase
      • HBase Data Model
      • HBase Families & Components
      • Data Storage and Distribution
      • HBase Master
    • Sqoop
      • Sqoop Overview
      • Sqoop Exercises
    • Yarn
      • YARN Overview
      • HDFS 2
    • MongoDB
      • Introduction to In-Memory Computing
      • When to use MongoDB
      • MongoDB API
      • Indexing and Data Modeling
      • Drivers / Replication / Sharding
    • MongoDB
      • Introduction to In-Memory Computing
      • When to use MongoDB
      • MongoDB API
      • Indexing and Data Modeling
      • Drivers / Replication / Sharding
    • Hadoop Security ( 10 hours )
      • Security Overview
      • Knox Exercise
      • Access Control Labels

Course Benefits

1. Complete overview on Big Data, Hadoop core components and Hadoop use cases

2. Better job opportunities with Hadoop expert certification

3. Suitable for various job positions:

  • Hadoop Administrator
  • Hadoop Software Engineer
  • Testing Engineer (Hadoop)
  • Technical Lead (Hadoop)


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IIHT ULTADANGA have both week days class and weekend classes of 2 hours each class duration. IIHT ULTADANGA is open from 8 am to 7 :30 pm (Monday to Sunday).

Course Fees:

Special Offer for Working professional and scholarship offer is given to meritious students. Contact 033-40037224 / 46034406/7 or 9088242456 for special course fees offered.