Java 8

Why Learn Java 8?

  • Java Platform is the most preferred Application DEVOLOPEMNENT platform of choice
  • Java 8.0 also known as Java SE 8.0 Platform is the latest and most powerful version of Java
  • Java is used in a wide variety of computing platforms from extremely low memory devices to supercomputers
  • Java is a perquisite for learning technologies such as Big Data and Hadoop, Android, Enterprise Grade Applications, Mission Critical Applications and more
  • Java is now a 20 year Old,mature programming language and platform withnearly 10 million developers creating millions of applications across the world
  • Java Enterprise Edition(Java EE platform) is also one of the most sought-after technology platform for developing Desktop, Web and Enterprise Applications

Outline Of IIHT’s ProgrammeIn Java 8

At IIHT’s JAVA 8 Program,you will learn

  • Core Java – Learn fundamentals of Java PROGRAMING languages features, Java Object Orientation features, processing Inputs and Outputs using JAVA, developing Networking Applications in Java, Strings and API and many other important aspects.
  • Advance Java – Learn advanced features and aspects of Java PROGRAMING platform like THREADS AND Multi-threading,Generics,Lambda expressions,Collections Framework and a whole bunch of JavaUtilities such as Logging, Regular Expressions etc.
  • Web Java – Learn to develop web and internet oriented applications using the web java platform and also learn important features such as Servlets,JavaServer Pages(JSP), JSP Standard Tag library(JSTL),and related technologies.

Prepare For The Following Certifications

This course helps candidates to prepare to Certifications in Java Technology

Job Opportunities

  • Java Programmer
  • Java Developer
  • Core Java Developer
  • Advanced Java Developer
  • Web Developer
  • J2EE/Java EE developer
  • Enterprise Application Developer
  • Enterprise Application Architect
  • Data Architect
  • Solution Architect
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Mobile Application Architect and more